David Bethel

Aliases: Mr. Bethel, Booue, Booueda, BleuMerlin, Sleeping Hermit, Smallest Giant

Occupations: Freelance Science Writer and Editor, Biology Research Assistant, Husband, Father

Non-occupations: Man of Leisure (courtesy of Blake West), Freelance Generalist (a la Darien Large), Seeker, Distancegazer, Ideological Underachiever

About Me:

I am a graduate of St. John's College in Santa Fe, NM.
I am married to the biologist Rachel Page. I sometimes serve as her field assistant, technical advisor, and/or editor.
We have a daughter named Gwendolyn Wren. I pretty much always serve as her field assistant.
We are currently living in Gamboa, a small town in the former Canal Zone in the country of Panama. Rachel is working at the Smithsonian Tropical Research Institute.
I work as a freelance science writer and editor, though that work has recently been eclipsed by my day job as a stay-at-home-dad.
I miss our dog Tulip, who is back Stateside with Rachel's parents.
I love astronomy and hiking. I feel most alive and spiritually awake when I am outdoors, looking at the night sky or listening to the forest.
I am a fan of blues, American folk music, and early music.
I am an extreme night owl. I believe (self-diagnosed) that I have--but do not suffer from--delayed sleep phase syndrome. I am quite happy to stay up late tinkering with my computer, making music mixes, being, whatever, enjoying the seeming infinitude of the night before me.

Pictures and a Song:

Pictures of Rachel
Pictures of Tulip
Pictures from a hike on the crest of the Black Range
Pictures of me hiking with my Dad
Awesome Tuvan throat singing: Steppe Kargiraa

Some Links:

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